Sub master Playback

I was wondering if anyone knew how to be able to program sub master setting from the 10 primary program faders to be triggered by the Go and Back buttons.

I am using an NX4 with the ability for more simplistic preprogrammed settings for lights. Nothing really fancy and it would help to simply press go and they all advance.

Select all your fixtures you would like to control by submaster
Set all to 100%,
Record as inhibitive fader

edit: my bad, I misunderstood the question. Leaving this answer here for anyone who is searching for how to create an inhibitive submaster.

I’m not sure how to create a Cue that activates all other cues but I will let you know if I figure it out.

Maybe you can load all values from each cue and make a master cuelist? Might be a little tedious but if it streamlines your work it might be worth it

  1. Edit one of your existing first cues to get the values and embedded presets activated
  2. Record to a preset - let’s call this a super preset - using the recording filter to save all values (pan, tilt, color, embedded presets, gobo etc)
  3. Repeat with the other first cues, and merge them into the super preset
  4. Record super preset 1 as Cue 1 of your new “Submaster Cuelist”
  5. Repeat for the next cues

This will be even better if you already have embedded presets since you will still be able to edit them and affect the whole cuelist. I would also make inhibitive faders for added control on the fly. You could also keep the cues you had originally, and set their priority higher (right click on the playback; default is 50, i usually bump it up to 60) so that if you need to activate an individual cue, you still can and it will override the master cuelist

Hey Erik,

Welcome to ONYX.

If I understand your question correctly, you are wanting to create a “master cuelist” with macros that trigger other specified cuelist.

Then to use the Main Go / Back buttons make sure your Master Cuelist is selected.

Hope this helps,