Sub playback page selection from F-Keys

I RReeaallly wish there was the ability to select sub playback pages from F-Key just like for the main pages.

The sub playbacks are my main playback for busking and I have a ton of cues on several pages I jump between frequently.

Currently my only solution is to use Macro’s in a cue and play that cue on the virtual playbacks screen to jump between pages but if my screen is elsewhere then it’s not as easy to jump quickly.

Being able to dedicate F-Keys or other assignable buttons would be a huge benefit.

Also I would really like the ability to name the sub playback pages like you can do for the main playback pages.

How does one name the playback ‘pages’ ? Are Banks nameable, or do you mean naming a Cuelist?
EDIT - found it buried in a support doc, for anyone else looking: [EDIT] [BANK] # ‘name’ [ENTER]

Agreed that having more control over the Submaster section would be great.
How about some OSC integration for those faders while we’re at it?

It’s at the bottom of this page: