Submaster Recording Issue? Only with certain Fixture Types?

I expect there is something simple I am missing that I cannot put my finger on.

Running latest version, when I record certain fixtures (set them @ 100%, record SUBMASTER to a fader) I get no response from the fixture, both in the field and as a % readout in the Fixtures/Presets window.

Specifically in this case I have 4 fixtures in my test patch. The ETC CS Pars and the Astera Titan FP1’s function perfectly, but the Arri S60’s and Aputure MC Pro’s are a no go.

I have tried repatching the fixtures and changing their profiles, but nothing seems to work. Hopefully more seasoned ops can give me a tip. Thanks in advance.

As a further note:

The cuelist values for all Subs are @ 100% intensity.

When I Load/Load the working subs, the corresponding Intensity Values are loaded into the programmer.

When I Load/Load the non-working subs, nothing is loading into the programmer.

Submasters require the intensity channel of the fixture to be designed in a certain way.
Report the exact types and models here and link to this forum post for reference.

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