Support for LUA Scripts or other macros

Up until version 4.4. everyone was using lua scripts with showcockpit to automate the boring stuff like creating presets etc.
Now on version 4.4 most of the functiuonality is gone. It would be awesome if some macro functionality could be added back in. Either with an actual lua api, more OSC functions or something like the old MPCTools.

Having the abilty to script with Lua is the biggest reason I used ver 4.2. for a long time. Obv with the updates to Dylos (which make Dylos really good) I cant really justify that but I miss the days where I would press a button an all the color Presets were autmaticly created


same boat

creating colour presets by hand sucks!

Have they fixed this yet?

There was nothing to “fix” as Obsidian did not develop or break this LUA scripting. SC used a backdoor that was insecure and this access was removed when ONYX was ported to 64bit and additional encryption and security was added to the code.

A native scripting system with limited and carefully vetted access into Onyx data is on the longterm development planning, but there is no ETA at this point.

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Hi Matthias,

Loving the new Dylos updates and the new controller surfaces! What a progress you guys have made over the few past years. I feel with these new controllers you’ve really been listening to user’s feedback.

Talking about user feedback, is there anything you can share regarding a scripting engine for Onyx? One use case has been pointed out already, but another use case would be conditional cuelist switching, where you can say only ‘go’ abc when d is or def are running. The power this feature would unlock would be insane.

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