Switching from MA2?

Has anyone here switched from MA2? I am thinking about making the switch and I was curious what others experience was?

The learning curve was really easy. A lot of the processes are much more simplified, but there is less capability for custom programming and setup. If you don’t set up a lot of conditional programming, you will have a somewhat seamless transition. I’m using the M-Touch/NX-Touch, and of course it’s much more limited in terms of hardware capabilities compared to a GrandMA2 Lite. The touch faders can be a little glitchy as you can imagine, and the pressure sensitive buttons don’t operate like I originally thought (they only base velocity by the initial press, it’s not a continuous detection). Creating effects is a little more limited, but easier and much faster. A ton of my performance is live in the programmer, compared to NEVER using the programmer live with GrandMA2. There’s more glitches and quirks that must be learned, for instance occasionally my touch faders will jump to a random location when I touch them.

Thanks so much for the input

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Can you please elaborate on “conditional programming”?

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Automation such as “if {action happens} then {execute this action}”

in GrandMA you can program like this, but so far I’m not finding an easy way for this to work in Obsidian. I had indicators change colors based on the effects I was using in GrandMA, but in Obsidian I really need to just watch the stage for changes. This is okay most of the time except for when I need to make changes with the lights off.

Maybe you can use the multi-select cuelist feature, which allow then to use the go button to launch several cue list at once.

Or use also the pre-selected cue from a cuelist, which will be played at next go on this cuelist too.

These both features work only if you have prepared your different cuelist, but for busking with few cuelist, that helps a lot

Indeed Onyx has no custom scripting and feedback system comparable to MA.

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