System crashes to black screen

Ive been trying to figure out an issues for at least 5 months now… It started in Lightjockey and now in Onyx. My system will crash while running either program to black screen. I have to do a cold boot to get the pc back. Nothing shows up in the event viewer in relation to the crash. Could it be the OneKey or the M-DMX box as a hardware issue?
Any ideas and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

What is your configuration?
Can you tell us more details about the computer, you are running the onyx on?

Hello maximtimeclock@Rusty ,

Ensure that all your drivers, especially graphics and USB drivers, are up to date.
Test the OneKey and M-DMX box on another system if possible, to rule out hardware issues.
Verify that your current operating system is compatible with Lightjockey and Onyx. Some users have reported compatibility issues with certain versions of Windows.
Although you mentioned nothing shows up in the event viewer, it’s worth checking Windows Logs and Applications and Services Logs for any warnings or errors that might provide more insight.
Adjust your power settings to prevent the system from going to sleep or turning off USB devices to save power, which can sometimes cause issues.

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Thank you for the responses. So, i havent had a crash for a week now but i did notice entries in the apllication section of the windows event viewer… OnyxMemoryManager - “incorrect function”