TC timer not working

TC timer was working upon when first downloaded, but after a week it stopped. Getting with technical support has been hard. Not sure what to do at this point. I have not changed any settings. The Church computer has the beta download as well. It is working fine up to this point, but can not afford for it to stop working as well. I fear I may have to go back to origianl upgrade on both. I do most of my programming from home. We are getting into pixel mapping and trying to get ahead with the learning curve before we receive our new light bars.

Hello, can you give more context? I assume you’re using a timecode input signal? It no longer runs in Onyx, it stops running in Onyx at some point or it just no longer triggers cues? You didn’t experience this issue with the latest release, but you do with 4.3.1182? Did it occur more than once?

Actually my whole Onyx software just crashed. Can not uninstall or reinstall. It has been very difficult to get Support on this issue. My computer at Church did the same thing. We had to completely wipe the computer and start fresh. This is my personal laptop that I do most of my programming from. I can not afford to wipe my computer. I have been waiting on Support for the last couple of weeks to help resolve.

Any chance we could setup an AnyDesk session to look at your laptop, so I can look at repairing without you having to wipe it? Maybe an option for your computer at Church as well, to figure out what’s happening?

Hello sir. Sorry I am just now seeing this. I have been trying to get in touch with the tech that I have been dealing with. TC timer is fixed, but I have been dealing with the 27502 error. Tried other things from other threads and nothing seems to work. Please help

ok, PM me your anydesk id