The Cue Only Record Option

The manual says this about the Cue Only Option: “When selected, information that is recorded into that cue will not track forward. It will be contained only within that cue. The one exception to this is when “Cue Only” is selected and you record a new cue at the end of a cuelist. In that case, the information will track forward.”

So after trying it out it doesn’t seem to work. I recorded a Cue with FX parameters and the Cue Only option and then recorded another cue. In theory nothing form the first cue should track to the second cue but it did. Im not quite sure what I’m doing wrong and some help would be very appreciated

I’m almost certain that cue only is for insert cues or information that is added after the cue is created. Meaning, if you record cue 2 as cue only, and the record cue 3, nothing would happen. But if you record cue 2 and 3 and the record cue 2.5 as cue only, cue 3 would remain as if cue 2.5 never existed. Also if you add new information to cue 2 and record or update as cue only, that new information wouldn’t track to the already existing cue 3.

Cue Only is only used during the recording command. It does not prevent or alter any tracking from one cue to the next.
The intention is to avoid a change programmed into Cue A from tracking into Cue B. The console will either add a value or change a value from tracking to hard (white).
Any recording afterwards to Cue B is like any other regular record command.

In other words, Cue Only is not a property of the cue (Onyx doesn’t have such a function) but a record command that is only calculated and used in that instant.