Thru, +, - functionality for Copy, Move, and Delete

It would be really nice to Copy, Move, or Delete a range of items with Thru, +, 1

In Presets, Groups, the Cuelist window, etc. Also in the Selected Cuelist window to copy/move/delete a range of cues. And even in the Playback Indicators!

For example: Press ‘Copy’; select a Preset; press Thru; select another Preset. It highlights the consecutive range of Presets from the first one to the other. Then touch an open Preset button (with enough open buttons after it), and that range of Presets are copied at the new location.

Bonus: Be able to use touch gestures - slide finger along from the first Cuelist of your range to the last to highlight the range, then use 1 finger drag-and-drop to move the range or 2 finger drag-and-drop to copy the range.

(I really found I needed this when I wanted to delete a BUNCH of cuelists. It was a PAIN and very time consuming deleting them one by one.)

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Another example: Press ‘Move’; touch Playback button 1; press Thru; touch Playback button 15; press -; touch Playback button 3; press +; touch Playback button 12. Then touch an open Playback Button with at least 13 consecutive open buttons after it, and Playback buttons 1-2, 4-11, and 14-15 are moved to the new location.

(Being able to do it directly on the console would be great too - that is, Select a playback directly on the console, press Thru or + or -, and then Select the other playback on the console.)


Hold (or latch if on the PC) the Copy, Move, or Delete key while selecting the Presets, Groups, or Cuelist. It acts as a multiple select and then when you release the Copy, Move, or Delete key it will delete all the selected items. Works the same in the File Management screen for when you need to clean out old backups.

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On the PC I tried latching the Copy, Move, or Delete but they would never provide multiple select functionality. With the function latched it just kept replacing the single Preset, Group, or Cuelist with the new one I touched. It always had only just the most recent one I had touched selected.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

If I can figure out how to do make this method work that will be an improvement.

Although it still doesn’t provide range (Thru) selection, which is what I was really hoping for (as well as the gesture based mutlti-selection idea).

Only groups support multiple edits. Presets, Cuelists and Playback Buttons do not.

Ah. Thanks Matthias. That explains why Watson’s suggestion wasn’t working for me. :slight_smile:

So then I stick with this suggestion. I would love the ability to do multiple selection across the entire system - Presets, Cuelists, Cues, Playbacks, etc.

(I guess I got used to using it on other consoles and therefore have found myself really missing it on Onyx, and M-PC before.)

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to mis-lead you. I remembered reading something like this from a post by Ofer but couldn’t find it. Thanks @Matthias for clearing that up. I did finally find the post (on Facebook) by Matthias and Ofer and it was referencing the console hard keys and the file management system.

Here is the link to the post…

It just happens to work with groups (which I have used it on) and didn’t think to double check the other request. Sorry again.


No worries at all, Watson. Thanks for trying to help.

That’s good information to know, that I didn’t before, about using it on a console for the file management system at least.