Ticket System Request

Martin was terrible with customer communication.

PLEASE can Elation implement a Ticket System for Bugs AND feature requests?

Something that gives us hope and acknowledges the time and money users spend on ONYX.

Everyone here supports the community by posting bugs etc.

I would love to know what features and fixes are in the pipeline.





It is unlikely we will implement a public ticketing system. We have an internal planning and bug system but these are confidential and not for the public eye. Bugs can be reported in the forum and we analyze them and add them to our to do list.

Thanks for understanding.


Can the be a simple acknowledgement system or procedure then?

Like someone brings up a bug and they get a response like:

Bug Confirmed – will be fixed in the next release.
Bug Confirmed – will be eventually fixed, low priority.

Just some sort of feedback that doesn’t leave us in the dark and lets us know action is happening.