Time Sensitive: Library help req'd

Hi All,

Looking to connect with Obsidian urgently. I submitted a request for two new fixture profiles on behalf of a client earlier this month, with a “need-by” date of May 12th. The profiles still have not been created.

Over the last several days I’ve attempted follow-ups through various channels: I replied to the automated email confirmation to ask for an ETA, but never received a reply. I copied Obsidian support on a subsequent follow-up. I have I’ve also been calling Obsidian at 866-999-9942 (number published on the website) and 886-245-6726 (number listed in the email signature in previous exchanges), but my calls have not been going through all day.

I counselled my client to purchase a new Onyx console (which they did), and their first event requiring these profiles in on Saturday.

If anyone from Obsidian sees this, could you kindly get in touch with me? Need to know what’s going on and if I need to get an emergency plan in-place. rob @ robertlynch.com // +1-514-463-8011.

Can you provide a ticket number or link to the request?

Hello @gert_leunen - thanks for the reply.

The automated email confirmations did not include a ticket number. Here’s a copy of the email receipt of the 2 requests:

I located the ticket for the 16ch mode and it appears to have been created about half an hour ago: it should be in tomorrow’s library. Can’t locate the 18 channel ticket, though.

Bizarre! Should I re-submit the request for the 18ch fixture, @gert_leunen?

It’s possible that they created all modes anyway, you could check in the library tomorrow and request missing modes

Ok. I will check as soon as the library is available. If the “Gen 1” fixture has not been created, I will re-submit the request, however it will be extremely extremely urgent at that point — it’s required to be “show ready”, with my programming updated, on a console at 10h00 EST on Saturday.

Alrighty - the May 17 library is now live :white_check_mark: The “Gen 2” fixture is now present, but as you suspected @gert_leunen the other profile request was missed entirely. I will resubmit it as soon as I’m back at my hotel — at this point, I’ll have no choice but to program on my flight to go see the client. It’s going to be absolutely critical that this profile is present in the May 18 release, otherwise we can anticipate a brand new relationship with Obsidian being terminated. It’s disappointing to see a request fall through the cracks like this — very unlike my experiences to-date. I’ve been a supporter of the platform since the days of the original Maxxyz :smiling_face_with_tear:

Back at my computer and have re-submitted the request. Screenshot of the receipt confirmation attached:

I’m sorry, but I still can’t find the ticket: could you forward that mail to library at obsidiancontrol.com

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Absolutely! I’ve just forwarded the email.

We seem to have a server issue with all incoming library requests. If the library you needed is done tomorrow it wont be in the download until the following day (May 20th)

We are investigating the cause of the missed emails. I forwarded the form sheet directly to the library team now.

Hi @Matthias and @gert_leunen ,

I suspect as well that something is wrong with your email server. An additional observation is that I did not receive an email with the completed profile for the other fixture, which historically has been the case.

May 20th will be too late to receive the profile. It is required by end of day today. This is why the “need by” date was initially submitted as May 12th; I wanted to ensure there would be a good buffer.

Can you please confirm if this can be done and if the profile can be emailed to me directly? I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to reach Support for a week, and a client’s event is now in jeopardy as a result.

I’m editing the Gen2 and make a user library for you.

B2BTerminator 330W Beam (Gen 1).Fixture (121.2 KB)

in case you don’ t receive the email I just sent you from my personal account.

Did your show work out? Both generations are now part of the full library.

Hi Matthias!

Just saw this now; my apologies! Indeed, the show worked out – just in time! Many thanks to the Obsidian team for jumping on this and supporting me via email.

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