Timecode (cuelist) gets triggerd as pause if triggerd by macro

If you trigger a Timecode cuelist with a macro it gets triggerd as paused.

It only happens to a timecode cuelist. Not a normal cuelist or override

Happens bolth on 4.6.1230.0 and

Ive recorded a short video to show the issue: Onyx timecode issue - YouTube

Running But also tried on latest release

Does a timecode run in this moment?
If not, it’s waiting for a timecode input in order to run.

Yes its running.

And if i trigger it without the macro it works fine.

OK, I will test this in a free moment on my end. I think that with or without macro it should run in the same way…

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Yes thats is what i expexted as well.

OK, checked on my NX2, launched from macro a timecode cue list goes to 1’st cue and pauses.
When launched directly without timecode, it goes…

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Using a macro go cue xx forces a pause. The same as using GOTO Cue XX from the command line.
This is by design to be able for an operator to jump into a specific cue and stay there until timecode is re-armed by hitting GO.
Otherwise you would be unable to jump to a cue (e.g. some emergency or actor missed something) as the running timecode state would instantly flip back to the correct cue based on the timecode stamp.

Is there another way for a midi macro to trigger a timecode list?

dont fill the cue # slot in the macro editor, simply leave it empty.

Oh Dident realize that i coud leave it empty! Thanks so mutch :slight_smile: