Timecode Cuelist isssue

Yesterday I messed up while assigning my cues for a new timecoded song. After 2 trys I just decided to do it during the song and it would be all good without timecode for the last minute of the song. Started the song that night running timecode. When I got to where I didn’t need it anymore i turned off ,“TC FOLLOW” and was gonna hit the cues manually. The cues still fired at the wrong times I assigned earlier in the day. Before I ever hit anything.

Any idea what’s up with that?

I experienced a possibly related issue when investigating another bug:

  1. I made a copy of a timecode cuelist and called it “Test”.
  2. Changed “Test” from timecode cuelist, to normal cuelist (wanting to test whether that made any difference to issue I was investigating)
  3. Then removed macros relating to timecode
  4. Hmmm cuelist doesn’t like that. When I try to run “Test”, the timecode macros re-appear and “Test” cuelist refuses to advance on GO!

Yup something funny going on there!