Timecode on M1

Hey everyone!

I have an upcoming project on a Martin M1 (without midi interface) that would benefit from timecode synchronization. The timecode source will be QLab, which will be handling all the multimedia production for the show.

Other than buying an M-Sync (which is an option), are there any other ways to feed timecode into an M1 from a Mac running QLab?


Use a laptop to network Onyx showfile from M1. Join show, set up loopback adapter in network to route MTC timecode

Thanks, Stylas. Your suggestion let me to consider OSC, which in my tests thus far seems to be responsive enough to trigger the start of media playback on one machine, and trigger a cue with a “start internal timecode” macro on the M1 with good success.

I’ve been able to reliably control the playback faders on the M1 via OSC commands fired from QLab, but haven’t yet been able to get the playback buttons (button page on the touchscreen) to work. I believe I’m using the right syntax (i.e.: “/Mx/playback/page1/9/go”, but it doesn’t seem to be working. If anyone has any experience with this, don’t hesitate to share :slight_smile:

Hey there yes that is correct, are you saying none of the OSC commands are working or just page one button nine?

Hi Rob, Have a look for a program called „rtpMIDI“ for PC Windows. You can send Midi (MTC) over IP from qLab to your Onyx windows PC.

EDIT: sorry, did overread the fact that you use a M1. But run Onyx on PC and Slave the M1?