Timecode out of Yamaha QL5 into Martin M2GO-HD

I am looking at getting timecode into M2GO-HD
What would we need to get this out of a Yamaha QL5 and into the SMPTE port on our desk. Do we need to output a certain signal or have a certain piece of gear to get this to work. We are using Ableton to output tracks and running a cable out of the tracks computer to the lighting desk isn’t really possible at the moment so outputting from the sound desk would be the best
Any help is appreciated

Assuming the QL5 has the timecode signal as an input from Ableton, you can pass the signal through an output on the audio console then into the M2GO-HD 3-pin SMPTE input; then select the type of timecode you are using in the “IO settings” on the console. (Manage>IO settings>Timecode)

keep in mind the signal does not need to be super loud, if its to loud the system will not be able to read the timecode.