Timecode skips

I’m running across a very weird issue with a Timecoded show.

All cues have timecode recorded on it. Desk is receiving timecode properly with no skips or anything.

When the sound guy presses go, timecode seems to randomly pick which cues is going to fire, literally skipping 3 cues in one go sometimes. Towards the end of the show the cues decide to not to fire anymore and every time a new timecode hour starts it goes back to a random cue in the list (and it won’t move back or forward, even manually pressing Go or Back)

What could be the issue behind this problem? We have tried absolutely everything we could think about.

usually this is too high or low volume, or noise on the line, like a grounding issue. This creates random values that can confuse the cuelist.
Also check the list for out of order timecode values. Sometimes it seems the last cue of the list is stamped with an invalid time.