Toggle and simulate fader raise up

Hi to all !
Please excuse me if this feature is already there, but I am not able to find where it is, or how to enable it,
Currently trying to find some options in the properties of fader but no way,I have setted the button that toogle doesn’t use default and it’s on 100 value but doesn’t seem to work my fault for sure.
So what I have is that my " toggle buttons" like my" fader" defaults have level a at “0” and not at full! ,
This means that if i do not raise the fader the toggle button even if activated will not be visible,obviously cause my fader is down .
Can you add some kind of feature like " if the toggle is activated raise “automaticly” the fader to a " 100 % " LEVEL" ?


You can use the startup setting, from the cuelist option, to define the default fader value at startup.

Yes thanx I was doing that yesterday but not pressing the button set,i was only un pressing Default!
Little suggestion make that button red maybe?
Thanx anyway very gentle on helping!

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That’s a good idea, when changing the value, change the set button background color to red (or other). I let you write down this nice suggestion :slight_smile:

Always happy to help :blush: