Toggle Command Via OSC

Hey guys.

This will be a bit long winded but I want to provide some context to my suggestion \ request. So I’ve been using Onyx for a few years now and have developed my own style of working with my lighting rig which relies fairly heavily on an external controller. In particular I use an Akai APC Mini via ShowCockpit to control a myriad of features both in Onyx and other visual software.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade to newer versions of Onyx for some time now (for Dylos and other reasons), but have been holding out for a hardware device that will unlock OSC and also make sense for me to purchase. I wasn’t interested in the NX-Touch as I already have a controller and am not a big fan of the touch faders and the Onyx keys while convenient are a lot to spend money on for extra universes I’ll probably never use (at least not anytime soon).

Anyways, now that the NX-K has been released it seems this is the perfect way for me to unlock OSC at an affordable price while adding functionality I actually do want \ need (a physical programmer section).

On a separate laptop I decided to install the latest version of Onyx and have been using the OSC driver in ShowCockpit along with the 5 minute trial period of OSC on Onyx to evaluate if I’ll be able to switch over when the time comes. Almost everything works perfectly except for one big thing. There’s no option to use Toggle for playback buttons through OSC that I can see. I am very hands on as I work with a lot of metal bands (lots of strobes and other things) where the music is changing rapidly (especially more progressive bands) and I like to just latch something on sometimes while manipulating other looks \ FX and not have to burn up another fader to do it.

I’m hoping this is something you may be able to implement in a future update to expand upon the capability of OSC in Onyx. At that point it would be darn near the perfect system for me personally. Thanks for reading and I do really appreciate all the hard work the development team has been putting into making Onyx better slowly but surely.


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