Touch OSC + iPad + Onyx - Not working : (


I’ve double checked all the settings on both the iPad and Onyx a million times, I’m confident I have it all set up correctly. When I use Onyx on my PC I can see the changes happen in OSC on the iPad, but OSC on the iPad does not control Onyx back… It only seems to communicate one way. I can see the little red and green indicators in the top right corner in OSC so it appears like some kind of communication is at least happening.

Any ideas?

I’m using this OSC Layout
and the newest version of Onyx.


I’m sorry, but I haven’t used the OSC remote in awhile. I do however use the ONYX Remote weekly. Seeing how you are using an iOS device, have you tried it yet? ONYX Remote is native to the software so connecting is pretty easy.

Just search ONYX Remote in the App Store it’s developed by Obsidian Control Systems

If you still need help I know @David_Henry has some YouTube videos on about using both remotes and how to set them up.

You already found the OSC link, but just in case you want to check out the ONYX Remote…

Hope this helps,


Yes the onyx remote app works no problem! but I like some of the features with the OSC layout, really hoping to get it working.