Touch OSC on iphone connection not working

I have problems with connection touchosc on iPhone with onyx.
Ports and everything correct. Green/red signal lamp on iPhone is blinking correctly, but my iPhone commands not working on notebook windows 10.
Firewall disabled. AV also.
What to do?

I know its been a few days, did you happen to resolve the problem or still looking for some help?

I work with TouchOSC linked to an M1 quite often, I may be able to help troubleshoot what yours is doing.

I have the same problem
red and green blinking but no Response

I had a few minutes to play with my setup here. I wasn’t able to replicate the issue, but I do have a couple questions that may narrow it down.

What template/commands are you using? The only stuff that is supported (that I know of) are the features/commands on the old Martin OSC template.

Is the Device Space # matching up between your device and the list of OSC Devices on the console?
I know usually when you hit Refresh it will update the Space on its own, but I’ve seen it just -not- do that on occasion.
Using the Martin Template, you can adjust the Device Space on your phone to match whatever Device Space was assigned on the console.

Hello @Light

This post might help you.

Im Using the Martin Template and the Device Space is correct adjusted … It’s dosent work on an Ipad and on a Android phone. (not the best english)

Did somebody solve this problem? I have it too. Does anyone have touch osc working with newer version of Onyx?

I’m having similar issues with the latest version. haven’t tried the beta yet. TouchOSC on my Android phone responds to changes on the PC but the PC doesn’t respond to the TouchOSC app. Not working on my iPad either. Shows red and green indicator lights, as described by others.

I’m using IOS 12