TouchOSC layout update

Is there possible any TouchOSC layout update or new options to create personalized layout?

Use TouchOSC Editor to customize layouts however you like.

I dont think hes not asking for “custom trigger” playbacks, he wants to customize layout, and yes… use TouchOSC EDITOR software to change design of layout however youd like

Hello @Light!

Yes its possible to make a custom OSC layout.
If you want something to reefer to you can look at my OSC layout wich already is on the forums.

Greetings from Sweden! :slight_smile:
//Martin Hedström


sorry for my english … here is my configuration: windows 10 with Ableton live 9, an android tablet with TouchOsc. I finally managed to control Ableton with TouchOsc but only partially. I use the LiveControl Ipad layout and only the launcher and mixer pages work but all the boxes are empty, so I don’t know what I’m launching. can anyone help me?

Very nice layout. One change I have noticed is that GM Flash can be done with button 2201 instead of the GM Fader. This will prevent GM from going to 0 if you hit the button.


Hey, can I have your touch osc layout, this link is showing 404 error