Touring with Dylos


I am using Onyx/M-PC since 2017. I am used to tour with this software with many bands.

Before Dylos, my workflow was pretty simple :

  • I create a template show for the band. Patch some Wash/Spot/Beam/Blinder/Strob etc…
  • Create a cue list for each song of the band
  • For each gig, I clone the wash/spot/… fixtures with the venue fixture.

Now with dylos, I need to do the same thing and I will also need to replace each “template fixtures” in my 2D plan with the “venue fixture” right ?
And obviously , in the right place.

This can be really time consuming with some venue with 3+ universe, or for the festival.

In advice for me to do this in an efficient way ?

Thanks !

hello. we also have this in mind.
so is there a way it works more time efficient?



nope there isnt. Right now cloning does NOT replace fixtures in the 2d plan. Hopefully this will be added sometime in the future