Transparent Window sliding bug

Hello there!
I noticed that sliding/dragging around the obsidian window is really buggy when using the transparent theme. It feels like pointer trails on your mouse just that the obsidian window is moving like the last pointer if that makes any sense to you, my English isn’t that good, unfortunately.
I discovered some people discussing this issue on Reddit. Still, I wasn’t able to find any related threads on here, so hopefully, it helps to point it out. I really like the transparent theme, but not being able to drag the window comfortably around my desktop is kind of a deal breaker for me.
BTW I am using Obsidian on Windows 10 and I do have quite decent hardware, so I don’t think the bug is hardware related.

I’m not familiar with a transparent theme. Can you provide more details? What exactly is the theme or setting you activate?
Maybe share a video of the issue?

Well, it’s not really a theme, it’s an option in the Appearance section → Translucent window.

No way, I just noticed that this is the wrong forum. I wanted to post this on the obsidian forum of the obsidian note app :joy:
The style here on this forum is so similar that I didn’t notice it up until now :joy: