Trigger a cue in the middle of the cuelist

I want to trigger the cue from the middle of the set of cues in a cue list instead of starting it from the first cue., without changing it to time code or chase or override but simply using regular cue list., how can I do it., please suggest

Select the cuelist you want to work with and navigate to the “Cuelist Values” view.

From there
select the cue you want to start from and press the PRE-SELECT FOR NEXT GO Button in the top right corner.

or Use directly CUE+nrXX+Enter
allways select the CUELIST first

Love this feature, but when using PRE-SELECT FOR NEXT GO, you weirdly need to press GO twice to trigger the selected cue (Onyx ver. 4.2.1057.0). This feels wrong to me and has caught me out on multiple occasions.