trigger cue by osc

there are several posts in the forum, but all unanswered!!!
is there a way by osc to trigger a specific cue in a specific cuelist, without send all the single buttons from keypad like cue xx enter, or such a workaround?
only one osc address line?
is it possible?
we hear about the msc way, is this possibe with isadora on the other side, for example?



To my knowledge there is no direct Cuelist 5 Cue 8 command over OSC.
You could script this by selecting a cuelist, then issue CUE XY command. But you are not able to select a cuelist directly that is not mapped on one of the 10 faders. So it is limited.

I do not know Isadora.

Maybe these discussions would get more attention on the ONYX fb group. Forums on the internet seem to get less and less traffic nowadays.

Hello, i am running into the same issue. Does anyone know an answer to this yet? It shouldn’t be that hard to implement right? As there are already so many OSC Commands. It would be a massive addition though!

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