trigger Onyx cues from qlab4

Hi guys,

I setup TouschOSC without any problems but now I’m looking for a way to trigger a cuelist (on playback bank 1, fader 3) remotely from qualab through OSC. Does anyone know a of an OSC command list?

Thank you so much

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hi Thomas
copy to the playback Buttons from there you send an OSC comend
for image button 64 OSC / Mx / playback / page1 / 63 / go
hope you can do something with it

Thank you so much Tibbe.
Unfortunately it still doenst work. If I use the same command from Touch OSC it works fine. If I use the command /Mx/fader/2202 0 from Qlab the grand master goes to 0 so the connection works.

Can you use MIDI? I have used MIDI to trigger the Go button in a cuelist, is really simple. You would need RTP in your PC so you can use MIDI over IP

Thanx for your reply. I have indeed got MIDI over RTP working. as well as the OSC by the way. I can now control the console in so many ways, it’s perfect!