Trigger video-file from Onyx

What would be the best way to trigger a video file from a cue in Onyx?
Is it possible in any way to send a “Go” message to Qlab for instance?
Any other suggestions?

The quelist in Onyx will be triggered by Onyx Manager / telnet, so the other way around (trigging Onyx from Qlab) is not possible.

networked MIDI or OSC can trigger cuelists in ONYX. See the TouchOSC template from the TouchOSC editor for the commands.

For example, RDShowcockpit software can accept OSC & networked MIDI and trigger cues in Onyx.


Check the ONYX manager documentation. I can’t seem to find it from my phone, but I thought I read somewhere where you can send commands to projectors and media players from it. So as you are asking, when you trigger the cuelist, you would also trigger the playing of the media file. Or turn the projector on / off, etc.

Sorry I can point you to the exact reference, it might have been in the M-Series manager documentation.

Hope this helps,