Trouble playing back Movements using Pan/Tilt FX

Assuming I am programming incorrectly so any help is appreciated.

  1. I created a movement for some moving heads by selecting the movers, then using the PAN/TILT / FX section and adjusting only Swing Pan, Tilt Pan, and figure on the FX tab, then adjusting “Wave per X” on the FX Timing tab. I then record that movement to a preset. I also record it to a “Playback” button.

  2. Then I cleared out the programmer (Clear, Clear) and made another movement and recorded that to a Playback Button as well. I did this 5 or 6 times with different movements eaxh recorded to their own playback button.

  3. When I trigger the movements on the playback page, each time I select a new movement, the lights jump quickly to the new selected movement and then playback at their recorded speed. So the problem is how fast it jumps to the next movement. It’s not fading into the next movement but rather just jumping to it very abruptly. I messed with the various timing settings with no luck.


When you use a different “Figure” shape the console can’t fade between them. I am guessing this is your issue.

Unfortunately, the only way to get around this (at this time) is to use the same Figure for the FX you need to fade between, and/or take your FX to zero quickly before bringing in the next FX.


Thanks David. I just saw this response 2 years later. hahahaha.