Troubles getting this going

I have a m-Touch controller. Latest version of the software installed. Trying to follow the on line documentation and things just are not tracking for me. It seems like the doc is written for some older system or maybe not with M-Touch in mind. I have followed through the Making Your First Que and get no results. Can anyone recommend a resource other than the videos - which also do not seem to track with the M-Touch that will help?

Barring that I’m up for some consulting time with a skilled English speaking user that can set me on the correct path. For fee of course…

Making a little headway but it is slow going. Part of my troubles seem to be getting a fixture definition correct for a new Lixada mini spot.

Getting the right profile is a BIG first step. If the light is not working 100% correctly, then you will just get confused trying to learn the software!

If you know what the channels are that the light works with, you can find a matching profile on : [](] . This is really important to get right while you begin.

Part of the confusion can often be that the M-Touch is integrated seamlessly into the software, as are the other consoles, so the manual is mostly written with just the software in mind, and then the M-Touch page gives you some guidance as to how it applies to the M-Touch hardware:

I hope this is allowed here, as you asked - I also do consulting and have some step-by-step video training available.
Shoot me an email @ if interested. MODS remove if not allowed :slight_smile:

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