True sACN Unicast and Art-Net Unicast for Non-detected devices.

I am interested to see if others have run into this issue. I have a client where I had previously installed a handful of LED pixels (around 2000, mix of RGB and RGBW). The controllers we were using (Minleon NDB) require unicasting in order to work.

I worked hard with their software team to see if there was any way to get sACN or Art-Net to work if not unicast - there was not, and I was surprised to learn that their device would ONLY accept the signal if it was unicast.

At the end of the day, we weren’t able to integrate DyLOS into their pixels, which was sad. With DyLOS and pixel control becoming a bigger part of ONYX use, I wonder if anyone else has encountered pixel controllers that required unicast. I realize that if the device were detected via the Art-Poll system, it would work, but it’s not.

The dev team from Minleon ended up filling me in that most pixel programs (Resolume, Madrix, ELM) have a system built-in to setup unicasts manually. I would love to see this in ONY X - comment below if you have run into this as well and feel the same :slight_smile:

That’s really unfortunate that the pixel controller does not support art-poll. The issues is really on them to fix.
We can add a unicast table on day, but its not on our current development roadmap. I think it may take maybe a year before you’d see this being considered.

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And I fully realize this timeline :slight_smile: