Trying to use a uDMX dongle with Freestyler's Art-Net to DMX program


I am trying to get an artnet stream to a program from Freestyler to then convert it to DMX. I am using a Microsoft loopback adapter on Windows 10 to send the Artnet from ONYX to the loopback adapter to then go to the artnet to dmx program. Unfortunetaly I don’t get a “signal” on FreeStyler Art-Net to DMX, but I ran a artnet inspector to see if ONYX was actually sending artnet data and indeed it was working, but no output to my udmx interface…

Please help

The udmx is not supported, neither is conversion of Artnet into USB DMX traffiic through loopback adapters. Any attempts of such conversion violate the Terms of Service for ONYX.

Onyx is licensed as a limited “Free” Edition unless an Obsidian™ Control Systems USB device, or an Obsidian™ Control Systems license key is connected. In “Free” mode the user is allowed to utilize ONE universe via Art-Net or sACN. Use of any other USB to DMX protocol converters is explicitly prohibited and not supported by Obsidian Control Systems, including all USB to DMX devices not manufactured by Obsidian™ Control Systems, emulators, ethernet protocol conversions or any other means of creating USB to DMX signal originating from ONYX processing and software.
Use of I/O protocols like Timecode, MIDI, OSC and others may be restricted and require the ownership of specific ONYX licenses and/or hardware devices to be fully enabled.

DMX-512, Art-Net, sACN or any other form of lighting protocol data output exceeding the single free Universe is only permitted with the use a genuine Obsidian™ Control Systems license or hardware, manufactured and sold by Obsidian™ Control Systems. Access to DMX processing and I/O features varies by license type, refer to the product documentation for details.
*Devices manufactured by Martin Professional ApS or Martin by Harman are considered genuine Obsidian licenses and devices.

Either purchase a genuine ONYX device like the NX DMX or find a software that is compatible with the udmx.

Ok, that is what I thought… sorry about that…