Turning Art Net on/off with master slave X Net running

Situation: I am using an NX4 over X-net as Slave to control a show with Art Net being output from an NX Wing/PC system as the Master. Art net output is currently turned on on the NX4 slave. If I turn it off on the NX4, will it kill the Art net output from the NX Wing master PC?


It should not. They should be independent. As a primary / secondary in a backup type setup, you can assign EtherDMX output functions to an F-Key. That way if one system fails, you can turn it off and turn the other one on quickly. This is with the understanding that both setups have the EtherDMX output hooked up to a switch.

If you are only using the NX4 and the X-NET with no Cat 6 hooked up to the console you won’t have any output or data merging that would cause any problems.

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