uff, that is not true, we hope?

hello, is it the bitter truth, that we can not work with more than 4 universes in capture via citp, if we do not want to carry the nx wing with us back to hotel every evening.
did you guys worked ever on side!
is there a possibility to work with onyx and capture via citp, with more than 4 universes without put a 4kilo usbbox in a laptop.
we can not belive it is so, but it seems so?


if so, we give it up to want to work with your product.

if there anybody out there who want to buy a nx wing for a small budget, let us know…

when vers 4.6 releases there is the essential key with 8 universes (600$ afaik) and you can get the one key for a thousand bucks for 128 universes.

For unlocked communication to Capture without the Wing you will need to get an additional ONYX Key.

If we send values directly to Capture than this is easy to exploit and eliminates all ONYX security.
MA3 for this purpose even sells the dedicated VizKey. The ONYX key(s) provide full DMX outputs.

Please understand that this is done to protect your investment into the console, so the console platform can’t be replicated by copycats with full DMX output which has happened to other major platforms out there.

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@Matthias ,

From the 4.6 announcement, to clarify will an en4 / ep4 or NX-dmx allow the CITP link with capture to work? It seems like it should, if I’m interpreting it correctly.



thank you very much for the explanation.


…so what about a special offer for all the users who help you to develop and DEBUG.
so all hardware tester get a offline licenze.
some kind of,
the console is in the venue, you have to do things late at night, because you have to.
the laptop and usb stick
and the chance to take a with hardware saved show, to a hd and use it with every onyx on every computer WITH citp out. so best example is capture.
if you have one workstation with capture symphony, you can save a file with unlimited universes. everyon with a demo or a solo or a duett is able to work with full range of universes.
so if i save a onyx show on console, it will be edit and playable with visualization. but not on artnet sacn or dmx.
or give us a onyx view with capture engine, if the computer is strong enougth it should work.
we think avo do that with the capture modules.