Unable to add fixtures and objects to 2d plan on new show file 4.6.1219

I created a new showfile and patched a few fixtures but when I select the fixtures, open 2d plan in edit mode and select add, the popup shows ‘0 fixtures selected’ and the place fixtures button is disabled. If navigate to fixture groups in the add fixtures pop up i can select groups and the place fixtures button but am unable to draw them onto 2d plan. The ‘Touch here to cancel’ still works though. The same goes for placing objects, the only thing i can do is cancel out.

I first noticed this on 4.6.1218 and upgraded to 4.6.1219 in hopes it would fix it. I was able to add fixtures to my existing showfile, which I have upgrade from 4.4.1193. I have tried restarting the show, a full PC restart , recreating the show and upgrading to 1219.

I have tried with the following profiles:

beamZ LCB252 Bar 252x RGB LED 48 Channel
beamZ LCB803 LED BAR 80x 3-in-1 48 Channel
Blizzard LB-Par Quad RGBW 4 Channel
Cameo Studio Mini Par Q 8W 7 Channel
ADJ Mega Bar Bar RGBA 34 Channel

So far this is the only PC I have upgraded from 4.4 so I haven’t tested on a different computer.

I figured it out, I had loaded my workspace settings from a different show file and connected a second monitor. I only had my 2d plan view available on one virtual display. I saved it on the second display and can now add fixtures and objects.

I had the same issue when seleccting and trying to add fixtures to the 2D, you can read “no fixtures selected” but, just adding a new Plan clicking the bottom left “+” it worked.

Same behavior here

Add a page, if your show was made in 1218 there is no automatic fix for it. New shows in 1219 are ok.

I found in my case I had recently added a second display to my show and the custom view I was using was not saved to this display. Saving the view to both displays fixed this for me.