Unable to get Dylos to show up in Capture

I have mapped/zoned my fixtures and appear to have done everything correctly, yet there is no direct effect on the fixtures themselves. Am I missing something?
Does Dylos only work on on type of fixture at a time? Or specific types of fixture?
(Using the latest Beta version and Capture 2021)


what fixture types? share a screen shot of the dylos page.

I am using 30x basic 12 channel moving heads (SHEHDS MiniBee).
I have no problem in manual control via Onyx.

Can I bump this please?
I really need help here.
Also, my beam lights are black, not white. Any reason?

You mention Shehds MiniBee, did you create that type yourself? If they have an intensity channel, did you set them to full (I assume you’re using version 4.4.1193: DyLOS maps to either color mixing channels or monochrome, if a fixture both has color mixing and intensity, you must manually control the fixture’s intensity). Could you otherwise share your show file with us?

Hi Gert,
I used a modified fixture of my own, so it may be problematic.
Software is the latest Beta and DyLOS maps.
The attached file currently does not have DyLOS implemented as it disabled manual control of the fixtures.
The map needs to be applied to the circular group as shown in the 2D plan view.

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Mini Rig.OnyxShow (5.3 MB)

I actually don’t see any feedback on the 2D plan (other than pan/tilt), any chance you could send us the fixture type you made?

Hi Gert,
You were right earlier regarding the fixture profile.
I swapped them out for a newer profile and now everything appears to work.
Thanks very much for your help.
PS. One slight bug, when recording presets, in the programmer page it stores preset names. If you change it to percentage, the next time you check it has reverted back to names. It’s really annoying.

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