Unable to update NX4

Hi all!

I prepared the stick (3 times, 3 downloads on different PCs, 3 different sticks), it ends up with the green „finished“ sign, I plug it into my NX4 , it starts as it is supposed to. While installing windows, it (everytime, different sticks) stops at 51%, saying it can not install required files.
Error code: 0x80070570

Any help is welcome.


which usb connection do you use on the NX4?

The one on the backside, upper left.

Make sure the stick is bigger than 8GB. Also, when you get the “green finished” dialog, does it give you and “Exit” button? I feel like when I did mine, we had to wait awhile to get the that (I could be wrong however). It also took us a couple of attempts on 2 different consoles. We did get it, but it does seem to have some hiccups in my opinion compared to previous updates.

Hope this helps,