Understanding Core Concepts when incorporating external MIDI control to run lights...need insight.

I am quite familiar with MIDI. I currently use Ableton Live with a Network MIDI Session to manipulate ProPresenter slides and ProPresenter in turn sends MIDI signals to QLC+, which is what we’re migrating away from.

I would like to program a lighting “show” per se that would be specific to a single song and I’m wondering about the various ways that this can be achieved.

As a simple example for a song that starts with a 4 on the floor kick pattern, I’d like a group of fixtures to pulse along with that kick. At the same time, if the tempo of the song is increased in Ableton Live, I would want those pulses to keep in time with the tempo changes.

What are some of the ways to accomplish this in Onyx?

What are standard practices when programming a sequence to a song?