Unexpected behaviour with RGB(Virtual Dimmer) when some colour channels are cleared

I was messing around with MACRO SET CL Value to see if I could “store” RGB values in 3 different cuelists by setting the intensity of a RED cuelist, a GREEN cuelist and a BLUE cuelist. In doing so I stumbled on an issue when using “RGB Virtual Dimmer ON” fixture. I don’t believe the output is correct, when at least one of the colour channels is CLEARED.

Have a look at the attached screen grab from a new blank showfile to see the issue.

With only the RED channel active, the “Virtual Dimmer On” fixture does not output RED, while the “Virtual Dimmer Off” does correctly.

Ah! Same issue as detailed here:

and here:

Fix is to:

  1. Set the DEFAULT for each of the fixture’s RGB channels to be zero
  2. Individually store each (colour channel at 100%) plus (INTENSITY at 100%) in OVERRIDE cuelists

Thanks guys :slight_smile: