Uninstall error 1905.module followed by Install Error 27552

Hello again!
When uninstalling this error message appeared (1905.module, HRESULT -2147220472). Continued with the uninstallation hoping it would fix itself as part of the installer

When re-installing this error message appeared (27552 SQL).


I have tried the “fixLoginErrors.vbs” and running in CMD the below script

Any ideas are very much appreciated.

Please use the FixLoginErrors script only when a login error to the SQL server is reported (it is specifically designed to fix only that issue). Please PM me your AnyDesk ID so I can remote into your system.

I Just got this error also. the 1905. I was running the New beta version but needed to go back to a stable release for a show and the install didn’t complete. tried uninstal and got this error. help :grimacing:

Do you still have the problem? Otherwise, PM me your AnyDesk ID

Hi thanks i did just manage to resolve it.
Re-installed the Beta release over itself. then uninstalled it completely and installed the latest stable release. worked ok.

Thank you for the response.