Update key isn't working properly on my M1

Question…have the newest OS and version up to date which is…OS v.1006 (build 6.1.7601.24150) and version 4.2.1057.0. On an M1. I was programming this morning for a show coming up this weekend, went to update a cue list to remove intensity out of it. Went fine on the first cue. Went to do the second cue. Then, all of a sudden, the update button now doesn’t light up or trigger anything to happen. I have already tried restarting console, opening up an existing show, starting a completely brand new show, the soft key on the pop-up display, and tried to make the update function a user defined key. F6 to be exact. I’ve been looking on the forum, hopefully to find it as a known issue. But, haven’t seen anything yet. Any ideas?