Update logic - embedded presets & cues

So I’m not sure if this should be a bug or an enhancement request but to me some of the Update logic is flawed.

Last night I was working a show and touched up the pan & tilt on a fixture. Coming from Hog the software would suggest the upmost ‘root’ source of the parameter touched. So as an example if I had a pan & tilt preset that was referenced by another embedded preset that was then referenced by a cue the console would first suggest the original preset and then list the embedded preset and lastly the cue.

I did not get that behavior last night, the console suggested FIRST to update the cue, SECOND it suggested the nested preset, and it NEVER suggested or listed the originating preset of the pan and tilt information for the fixture.

This seems completely backwards to me. To me it is much much more logical that I would want to fix the P&T of that originating preset than to change the cue or the embedded preset. I think this is really flawed.

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