Update to 4.6.1218 error

I just attempted to update onyx from 4.4.1193.0 to the latest version 4.6.1218. I keep getting this error:
the down load removed my previous version, I’m praying that all my show files are not destroyed.
I’ve rebooted with no success.
please advise!

Try to install it for local user (checkmark) only, or try to disable your antivirus (especially McAfee causes this)
If you saved your showfiles they are not affected by any installation of software.

Thanks Matthias, turning off the windows defender and, checking the local user did the trick.
All files are retrieved.

Thanks again.

This means there is a corrupted User Profile in your PC. This often happened on OS updates (Win 7 to 8 to 10 ) and is hard to resolve. May need a full Windows 10 refresh / reinstall eventually to really fix the underlying issue.

eew :face_with_head_bandage: