Upgrade path from lj2 to mpc

I have a lj-2 one key dongle purchased 18 months ago from Martin, what is my best cost effective option to be able to use the visualiser? move to MPC ?do I need to buy another licence? I am only using around 30 fixtures for mobile work but I really miss not having the offline visualiser and it used to be free now it’s not available and its replacement is nearly £200 on its own?
What are my best options? I can’t afford to just write off the big investment in the one key lj2 licence I have. Thanks for any constructive replies.

The LJ2 license also works for M-PC so you do have M-PC 4 universes fully unlocked including Artnet and sACN.
Simply install and run the M-PC.

As for the visualizer, M-PC has a built-in 2D visualizer. But if you need 3D visualization. MSD Lite is the solution, but indeed it will cost 200 Euro for 12 months.

HI Paul
Thanks for explaining this, the Martin website doesnt explain it very well, now i understand , I would like to try the M-PC software but i discovered when i went to load it that it cannot ( for the moment) co exist on the same pc with LJ-2?
I dont want to lose my LJ2 after all the hard work ive put into it. When will the update to allow both m-Pc and lj2 to co exist be available.
Secondly i wanted to download the M-PC user manual to print it out and start reading up on how to programme it etc but the link does not appear to work???
When i can load M-Pc with no risk to LJ2 and down load the user manual i will try the software.
Many thanks for your great support as usual.

I can’t answer around the updates you’re asking for, but it’s better for you to check out the online tutorials, rather than reading the manual. The manual is made for finding something specific, while the videotutorials is made for teaching you the basics you need to learn. If you really need the manual, it’s also located inside the software as an own window :slight_smile:

This guys has lots of great tutorials:

Martin themselves also has some good ones:

You can’t lose light jockey…save your LJ show-file if you are smart, to several external places ie thumb drive hd ssd etc.
Then make the jump to mpc. Once you get a handle on how MPC works, it’s likely you won’t look back to LJ much. MPC is soooo much more agile and way more powerful.