usb power surge = non funtional m play

Hello all,
Here’s my story. Short but not too sweet.
I have an m play. I have had it for a while. It has worked flawlessly. I have two so I am not sure which one it was but one is two years old and the other was three.
Well I plugged it in (with original cord) and the USB power surge warning flashed up and now the m play will not power up. I have tested the USB with a different computer and mplay.
Any suggestions?

I am still getting a usb power surge when plugged into a different computer and a separate M play cord.

M-Play draws close to the allowed 500mAa provided by a PC. Many offer only 300mA and you would require a powered USB hub to make it work with such PCs.

Hello Matthias,
Thanks for your answer but…
The unit has been running in a club flawlessly since October. It has been plugged into a powered USB that I have been using since then. Everything else plugged into the computer is working fine as well. I have tested the one that I have that works. It powers on, on both the club rig and at home, the one that is not working does neither.
Thanks for your help.

In that case it sounds like a defective unit (maybe got a surge or something).
The M-Play is unfortunately not repairable and would have to be replaced.