Use ip address: 10.x.x.x for artnet

Today can not connect to artgate with ip On laptop ip to Mask of mesh is . No default gateway.
onyx is unicast and broadcast with ip network adapter.
Don’t worked
Any one can help to understand this?
With anothe artgate with ip is all fine.

Hello, which onyx version are you using?

Before a certain version, only artnet mask was allowed. But today, it should be no more the case with the latest onyx version

version 4.8. i found an error. artgate shifts the beginning of the universe count. i.e. 0=1, 1=2, 2=3, etc.

and I had to specify the default gateavay, overwrite it with a specific IP, make a full broadcast

That’s exactly what I do. I use a and use the third octet to separate things - networking stuff like routers and switches and a cess points on 0, servers on 1, other devices with static DHCP leases on 2, everything else that connects gets some DHCP address on 3. Then use 10.0.4 0/24 or IoT, and for guest WiFi.

But to answer OPs question, no it doesn’t matter what you use, unless you need more than the /16 provided by I could even use that space with my numbering scheme cause it’s still all within a /16. 10.0 is faster to type and looks nicer than 192.168, so why not.

Side note: 192.168 is actually a class C network (so 24 instead of 16). While systems may allow you to enter an “upgraded” subnet mask (less than 24 network bits in this case), it is not guaranteed on all IP stack implementations (across OSs, devices, …) or when so, to work “properly”. So, you could get a setup running that way, but it may fall apart whenever you add a device.