user image add scrolling

Can you add the scrolling feature on user imported images?
Thanx = )

Use the Effect slot / Horizontal Speed

Now I am really Happy !
= ) Thanx!

Hi to all ! first of all is there a perfect mesure I can use when to create some images like “128x 126” or something else?
I have this issue look at the picture they are all squares even at the moment i import them in my MEDIA ,even when I select them in the source,but when i go to the effect box and apply the verstical speed or the horizontal speed it deforms the picture!
then as second issue as soon as I choose vertical or horizontal speed ,it immediatly goes up to" -1920" ,can you change this and make it at 0 rpm?
So I can also use it live if I need it without thinking that it will start at max speed?