User Media Blue Screen on Playback mode "Once"

Hi All,

We had a customer point out that if you import user media (video) and use the “Once” Playback mode, it will end abruptly with a blue (not black) screen. This seems to me like a bug or unintended feature, it should be black/alpha IMO.

But, I also did some experimenting and found that if you use the “media loop out” attribute (under Beam Effects under normal attribute mappings), you can back it up just a hair and it will stay on the last or next to last frame of the video, which helps, but isn’t a total solution.



Great job helping your clients. I have not had time to experiment with very much media import. But to help the development team track this down, is this from the current (4.8.1244) release or the Beta (4.9.1256)? If the beta, maybe cross post to the beta channel which they monitor closer.

Keep up the good work. I had the pleasure of continuing helping someone after they watched your videos to get started.


Hey @David_Henry !
I found out the same issue, I didn’t know if it was a big or not.
What I noticed is that this issue appears when using custom MP4 videos, switching my custom videos to AVI seems to work better.
I guess it is just a workaround, but I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Btw, thanks for all the great stuff you produce on YouTube, helps a lot !

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