Using contact closures question

We will be getting a Netron EN12-45, and I have a question about using a contact closure to trigger a stored cue. (Which I have never used before, on any DMX device.)

If I want to use a button to trigger a stored cue and leave it up indefinitely until I am ready to turn it off, do I have to use a “latching” button that on first press remains closed to keep the cue running and then on second press it opens to stop the cue? Or can I use a “momentary” button that triggers the cue the first time you press it. and the cue stays up until you press the button again (or another button) to stop/release the cue?

Have a look at the user guide on page 17 “Remote Input”. In short: you can use both button types.

Yes, I saw that.

I assume that with Toggle mode you could use latching button to execute the cue by pressing the button once to “close” (latch) it, and then the cue would not be stopped/released until you pressed the button again to “open” (unlatch) it. Or using a momentary button you would have to hold it “closed” to keep the cue active, and as soon as you released (opened) it the cue would stop/release.

But I guess what I am not clear is how the cue would be stopped/released with Trigger mode. I assume that using a momentary button with Trigger mode I could press and release it (not hold it) and the cue would trigger and stay active. But then how do I stop/release the cue?

Reading the manual, I think that you need to activate another cue to stop the first one in trigger mode. I cannot tell you for sure, because I have not done such a setup yet.

Sure, you could activate another cue by pressing another button (on another contact closure trigger). But what if you wanted to stop/release the cue so that you then have no stored cue active?

I was reading the manual for the RDM10, and I’m unclear about something. Is there a way to use the contact closure to send DMX back to the console? For instance we could use DMX in mapping to trigger a function?

yes you could record the correct values to trigger remote playbacks in the DMX In page. A bit backwards but it will work.

hello, it is not so backwards, if you need a fast solution for triggering something by actors on stage for example. where cables are ok.

so cool feature…. .


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