Using Playbacks live

New to Onyx and loving the software so far. Have a question to see how people are doing this. Bakground – my main use will be EDM ad nightclub use (once I get the hang of things)

How are people typically running multiple playlists live? For example, while my moving heads are spinning around, I wish to select multiple playlists to do things like change color, pattern, gobo and intensity all at once, then when ready, hit a “GO” button to fire them all simultaneously.

Currently, I have to hit all and hope they fire at the same time. Also happy to use ShowCockpit and hit APC buttons but again, I’d like to preselect the look and wait for the correct moment and then have all the new changes go at once. Thanks!

Are you using the playback faders? If so, try creating pages of playback buttons. Here you can use the direct cue combined with the go feature. When turned on, you can go straight to any cue in a cuelist, that cue will use the timings assigned. If you want to trigger multiple cuelist, use the “multi-select” cue in combination with the direct cue. Also, when in direct cue, you can see the cue names. When you press the “Go” button, all cues will fire at the same time, and use the timings recorded for that cue in those cuelist. Play with it, I think this might be what you are looking for. Just know that after using multi-select and pressing go, you will have to select “multi-select” again.

Hope this helps,


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yes thats what i was looking for! thank you!