using the Load Load

Using the Load Load,Please can you clarify to me how to do it if possible!
Look In this case, i have used the LOAD LOAD to be a bit more faster, because what i would like achieve is to apply a gobo to the different types of fixtures.
But how you can see by the programmer I have no way to apply it ,without selecting only the spot fixture ! is there a way to be able to have gobo displayed in the belts even if other types of fixtures are in programmer without the need to select the fixtures etc.…


“LOAD LOAD” will load all active cuelist(s) / output into the programmer. Another option is LOAD Group (or fixture) x, parameter filter (Intensity, Color, Position, Etc.) Load. As an example, LOAD 37, Pan Tilt, LOAD will load your MK2 Wash Guitar (preset) values only into the programmer. (If that’s the only cue running.)

The Attribute belts will only display the last selected fixture. So in your picture, even though you have 32 fixtures selected. The last selected Fixture (164) is the one that the belts are configured for.

The only way to have the belts control the gobo(s) is to load your cue and then select a group (that you have set up) of the spots.

Hope this helps,


Thanx I was imagining that behaviour but was hoping on something else like maybe touching the fixture in the programmer.
Thank you!